Such Is Life set for premier at GSFF

I’m chuffed that Such Is Life will have its premiere on home turf at the BAFTA qualifying Glasgow Short Film festival. The film is in competition and will screen on March the 26th at 6:45pm at the CCA. Full details can be found here.

New studio spots for Aldi

I nipped down to Manchester last month to make a few wee white cych spots for Aldi with McCann Manchester. As the Gifs hopefully show, the shoot was a bit of a hoot.

Agency: McCann Manchester

Creatives: Mick Craven & Gary Delaporte (Bill & Deer)
Conrad Robson & Ben Kaberry (Stretch)

Agency Producer: Hannah Entwistle (Bill & Deer)
Sarah Bradbury (Stretch)

MTP producer: Ellen De Faux

DOP: Nick Bennett (Bill & Deer)
Adam Barlow (Stretch)

Editor: Matt McHugh

Post-production on Such Is Life

I’ve almost finished my new short film. The last pick up shot was done next to a farm that sounds rude in Scottish…


Many thanks to Adam at Framestore for working his magic on the grade. Who knew that dating in the Scottish Highlands could be so apocalyptic…


And big ups to Simon at MTP as well for providing the edit facilities and lovely camera lenses.

All being well the film will have a cast & crew screening at the GFT on the afternoon of Saturday the 3rd of December. Let me know if you fancy coming along.



New film in the pipeline

I’ve just shot a short film that I wrote called Such Is Life. It’s a kind of romantic comedy about an eventful hillwalking date. Will hopefully get it online soon.


Shooting in Scotland in mid October meant that we were fighting the elements whilst also being halfway up a mountain. Fortunately I lucked out again with an amazing team who made it all happen without making a single attempt on my life, that I know of.



Aldi ‘Midges’ nominated for Scottish Creative Award


Delighted to see that Aldi ‘Midges’ is up for best TV/Cinema commercial at this years Scottish Creative Awards. Fingers crossed that it does the business.


Saved available to stream on Fandoo

Saved 3

The good folk at Fandoo have made Saved available to stream as part of their short horrors season. You can get the details here if you fancy some cheap thrills…


Four Stars for Aldi from David Reviews

What A Pro


The Romance Class @ Emden-Norderney

Had a great time at the Emden-Norderney film festival recently. The cinemas and audiences were grand and we were well looked after.


Alas the film didn’t win anything. But the films that did were a cut above.



Aldi Scotland campaign

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some Aldi ads for a while now, and I had great fun directing these two spots for them recently.



Client: Aldi

Agency: McCann Manchester

Creatives: Mick Craven & Gary Delaporte

Agency Producer: Sarah Craven

MTP producer: James Jeffreys

DOP: Paul Herley

Editor: Scott McCartney

Colourists: Stef @ Framestore

CGI: Hayley @ 422 Manchester


The Romance Class in competition at Emden & other news

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.45.20

As it heads towards the end of its festival run The Romance Class will have a nice little send off as it’s nominated for the East Frisian award at Emden-Norderney. And thanks to the good people at the festival I’ll be there to see all of the screenings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.37.04

I’m also in the process of editing a more serious piece about a veteran soldiers experience in Fallujah Iraq, and the carnage that Operation Phantom Force left in its wake. Watch this space.

And I’ve just spent the last month working on an ad campaign for Aldi. I’m very happy with the way they turned out and can’t wait to post them once they air.



The Romance Class in Newcastle


So I may be responsible for lots of future babies…as The Romance Class is showing at a singles night at the Tyneside Cinema. Which has partnered up with the London Short Film Festival to put together a programme of romantic shorts. We’re on just before the excellent oscar nominated Stutterer, so no pressure.



Fray Bentos Idents

Here are a few of the dozen or so idents that I directed for Fray Bentos. The rest of them will be peppered on ITV4 throughout the year.

Client: Fray Bentos

Agency: Hometown London

Creatives: Luke Till, Lawrence Bushell & David Gamble

Agency Producer: Alison Fraser

PV producer: Pete Ryan

DOP: Nick Bennett

Editor: Kevin Chicken

Colourists: Steff @ Framestore



The London Short Film Festival

LSFF Laurel 2016

Great to be back at the LSFF with another short (4th year running, I need to stop making shorts…). This time The Romance Class was shown at the Hackney Picturehouse to a sold out audience for the Romantic Films programme





Had a great time at the Austin Film Festival recently, especially for both screenings of The Romance Class. Busy cinemas each time and the audience liked to laugh, a lot. This photo is from the second screening…on a Monday afternoon. And most of the folk there are civilians (not filmmakers).

Austin screening

Met tons of good folk and attended some excellent chats/lectures with the likes of Michael Arndt, The Scirptnotes scribes, and the talented Pixar development people.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 18.27.57

That’s Michael the writer of The Romance Class on the far left.




A couple of months ago I directed no budget charity film in two hours for Weeping Seaman chilli sauce. It was devised by The Leith Agency and all profits go to The Fishermen’s Mission.

Creative was by Mark Davies and Ian Fletcher

Big thanks to MTP for the kit, Teuchters bar in Leith for the location, and William @ Savalas for the sound dub.

Special thanks to Bartek Klok for shooting it, Patrick Wallace for being in it, and Sean McNamee for all the post production.




Had a great time recently on the judging panel for SCI SHORTS. A competition for filmmakers to make a short with a science bent that had to be shot on the phone. Those taking up the challenge were lucky enough to have their films show on the IMAX screen (you can just about see me under the big ‘O’).

The worthy winner was Rowan Ings with her film ‘Eclipse’.


Photo via @southside_film



The Romance Class world premiere @ Austin Film Festival


I’m cock-a-hoop to announce that The Romance Class is to have its world premiere at the Oscar qualifying Austin Film Festival. The festival takes place between October the 29th & November the 5th. And all being well I’ll be there for the screening.



The Romance Class at Aesthetica Short Film Festival


Pleased to announce that The Romance Class is to receive its UK premier at the Bafta qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival. The festival takes place from the 5th to 8th of November in York. It’s a cracking festival and I hope to make it down there again for the screenings.

Also got some exciting news on the films World premier that I’ll be posting soon.




Here’s an ad that I directed to encourage people to do their bowel cancer home screening kit. It’s already had a fair bit of publicity including a double page spread in the Daily Record. I also managed to shoot it in my home town and get my Mum in it.

Client: Scottish Government

Agency: The Leith Agency

Creatives: Colin Montgomery & Vinnie Walsh

Agency Producer: Les Watt

MTP producer: Ciara Barry

DOP: David Liddell

Editor: Joe Sawyer

Colourists: Jack @ Time Based Arts




Here’s an ad that I directed for MacB

Agency: McCann Birmingham

Creatives: Tim Jarvis, Barrie Robinson & Mark Dudley

Producer: James Jeffreys @ MTP

DOP: Paul Herley

Colourist: John Sackey

Sound: Micheal @ Savalas



New work for First4Lawyers

Here’s an ad that I directed for First4Lawyers. The VO was provided by the brand ambassador and TV’s own Andrew Castle.

Agency: Big Dog

Creatives: Tim Jones, James Cross & Mark Padfield

Producer: James Jeffreys

DOP: Paul Herley

Colourist: Simona @ Rushes



Scottish tour for Saved


My short film Saved is to be part of Digicult’s tour of cinemas across Scotland. It’s part of a younger people’s programme and will involve workshops and a Q & A in Glasgow on the 12th of March. Full details can be found here.



Teaser scene from The Romance Class

Here’s a little teaser scene from a short film that I recently directed called The Romance Class. The film is currently doing the rounds at festivals.



Vision Direct

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 11.54.52

Here’s an alt edit of a spot that I directed for Vision Direct.

Agency: Big Al’s Creative Emporium

Art Direction: Tom Burnay

DOP: Nick Bennett

Produced by: Ali Fraser & Theresea Larche

Colourist: Steff @ Framestore



The Pedestrian @ Urban Impressions

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-26at095434_zps9a352ed7.png

The Metro newspaper have brought together a bunch of artists to show work that “explores the feelings and moods, the highs and the lows of living in the city”. And they’re screening my film The Pedestrian at the three day event in Soho. The film will be accompanied with the score of your choice after they show the original. And as long as there’s no iPhone marimba involved, this could be really interesting.

So if you’re p for attending the screenings 19 Greek Street between the 22nd & 24th of October then please contact Philippa Lee at More details can be found here.



Stepping Up

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-28at144235_zpsa0fd2434.png

After a couple of interviews I’ve been selected to direct a little film for the Stepping Up project. It’s funded by Creative skillset and BBC Scotland with support from Bectu and Creative Scotland. And is designed for people with industry experience that are looking to step up a level within their department. Or in my case break into TV drama and comedy.

We’re also looking for crew in practically every department. You can get all the info here.

The script itself is a comedy drama and I can’t wait to get started on it.



Some recent & upcoming screenings

 photo 5140_92735438_WhiskyGalorescaled_zps0e146d90.jpg

Ollie screened last weekend at the Galtress festival through a programme put together by the good folks at Aesthetica Film Festival.

It’s also being shown before the classic Ealing comedy Whisky Galore. Not only do I love this film, but it’s great when a short film gets played before a feature. For me this is the best place to show them. Again this is through Aesthetica. And they’re being screened as part of a special programme taking place on the night of the Scottish Referendum.

And lastly, The Stash is to be part of Short Sighted Cinema’s programme at the In The Woods Festival on the 28th of August.



‘The Stash’ is now online

My latest short film ‘The Stash’ is now online and available to view below. It’s less than three and half minutes long so please fill your boots.

It’s also in for Shooting Peoples film of the month. So any votes and views on their site would be much appreciated.



Irn-Bru ‘Fanny’ ad reaches 3 million hits on YouTube

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 18.22.09

If you ever hear people refer to me as Fanny it’s (hopefully) because of this ad. It’s probably the most popular ad that I’ll ever get to direct, and I’m chuffed to see that it keeps getting the hits.

And along with the two other ads from that campaign (‘Mum’ and ‘New Fella’) that makes a combined total of over 7 million views. Jeezy peeps indeed.



EIFF Talent Lab


Back when I had a real job I used my holidays to go to the EIFF and cram in up to 5 films a day. Yes, I was single then.

So I’m really looking forward to being part of the Talent Lab at the festival this year. Not only to meet the other filmmakers and to get pointers on my script and career from established pros, but I also get a festival pass to all the screenings, so relationship status spoiler alert….5 films a day here I come.



The Roses Creative Awards

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 16.45.30

Off to Manchester tomorrow in the hope that Irn-Bru can pick up some more gongs at The Roses Creative Awards,

They’re up for Best TV/Cinema campaign, and Mum & New Fella have been individually nominated for best TV/Cinema commercial over 21 seconds.

Will let you know if they win. Will probably talk about property prices or the weather if they don’t


We picked up a silver for best campaign. And ‘Mum’ won a silver for best TV/Cinema ad.

They’re somewhere in amongst this lot (photo courtesy of Jim Swan).

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 15.38.46



The Stash @ Short Sighted Cinema

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 21.02.31

Big fan of the Ritzy cinema so it’s nice to have one of my shorts showing there. It’s at the impeccably programmed Short Sighted Cinema on Tuesday the 22nd of April @ 19:30. Full details can be seen here.

Highlights include the brilliant ‘Notes on Blindness’ by Peter Middleton & James Spinney.

Plus a Q & A with all the film makers including yours truly taking to everyone verryyy veerrrryyyyy ssslllloooowwwwlllllyyyy for those who don’t speak Scottish.